Pregnancy, birth and beyond

Important times

Pregnancy, birth and beyond is a very special, precious but also challenging period of time for the whole family.
There are enormous physical, hormonal, emotional and energetic changes in the mother's body throughout pregnancy.

A new person is developing from two tiny cells, so there is no need to mention how much change there is for the little one, who also has to adapt to the outside world after birth.

Partners can find it emotionally challenging, as they often feel a bit left out from the whole process during pregnancy in particular.

My mission is to provide a space for mums and babies where all their needs are met through nurturing treatments and to offer continuos support throughout the whole pregnancy and postnatally.

I am supporting women throughout each stage of their pregnancy.


Shiatsu throughout each trimester

In the first trimester the main aim is to strengthen and nourish the uterus and the whole pelvic area to offer the most ideal circumstances for the baby, to alleviate early pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea, tiredness, headache and any other discomfort and emotional swings, and to support bonding between Mum and baby.

In the second trimester - often called the blooming trimester - the focus is on establishing a good posture for the more demanding third trimester, supporting bonding, giving a space to relax and working with any presenting symptoms, eg pelvic girdle instability.

The session throughout the third trimester are more about structural support, bonding, getting ready for birth. I hold birth preparation sessions for couples, that helps partners to engage more with pregnancy and be more confident how to support their beloved ones throughout labour.


Self care

As part of the pregnancy shiatsu sessions I also give self care advise, that includes gentle exercise - for good posture, ideal fetal position and to keep you healthy and fit - breathing techniques, labour positions, etc. I believe that raising body awareness is one of the most important tasks of a shiatsu therapist in general, but doing so with pregnant women is even more important.


Shiatsu for partners

Partners have a major supporting role. They need to be fit and healthy. Apart from establishing a healthy physical state, my treatments also support partners with the emotional challenges of the changing dynamics of the relationship and the family.


Postnatal treatments

There is so much focus on pregnancy and birth, but not enough on what comes after. Breastfeeding, meeting the needs of a newborn baby are very demanding. The mother's energy needs to be replenished, her body needs to recover and she needs to rest and relax. Very often there is not much chance for this. Postnatal Shiatsu supports the recovery process, helps to restore your energy level, supports the emotional processing of your birth experience and it also helps to find a new rhythm in your life.