Baby Shiatsu

Baby Shiatsu is a developmental baby massage originating from Japan. It combines Western and Eastern knowledge of child development. It supports babies’ development by integrating motor, sensory & emotional growth.

The elementary power of touch strengthens bonding between parents and baby.

Baby Shiatsu is a non oil based massage and it is done through clothing so could be done anywhere and any time.

Besides individual treatments Szilvia teaches the technique to parents in classes and in private sessions.


Baby Shiatsu Course


In Baby Shiatsu there are three treatment position - treating the front, the back and the side. Each of them cover special development and life themes. The aim of baby shiatsu is to support those themes.

Main themes of front treatment

- Finding the centre, perceiving oneself and one's own boundaries.

- Feeling, resting in oneself.

- Respecting one's own limitations.

- Basic trust in life.

Main themes of back treatment

- Upright posture and getting into motion.

- Linguistic development.

- Fine motor functioning and proprioceptive sensibility.

- Basic feeling of security / backing in life.

Main themes of side treatment

- Conquering room and space / rotation.

- Occupying one's territory.

- Vestibular system (balance).

- Visual perception.

- Curiosity about life / facing life.

Baby Handling and "Magic" Points

Beside the treatment routines you learn baby handling techniques that strengthen your baby's back and neck, support their digestion and help them to learn involuntarily the right movement patterns and to use the right muscle groups to turn around and come upright later on.

You will also learn "magic points" and how to work on them to support your little one to calm down, fall asleep, encourage sucking or supporting their digestion, elimination or alleviate colic symptoms.



"As a practicing mum I enjoyed the benefits of the knowledge Baby Shiatsu provided me with. It gave me a guideline as a parent and made me more confident how to support my child whatever he needed support with. I would love to share my knowledge with you as Baby Shiatsu can be an incredible help and a lot of fun for the whole family."